Bobbie Miller

 Happy Birthday Bobbie!

Another year goes by and Bobbie is missed tremendously by her Children, Mother, Siblings and Friends. She touched so many lives! We miss her so much, words cannot express! We beg that if anyone knows anything about her death. PLEASE come forward and notify NH Detectives!!

We are still hoping that someone will come forward with any information regarding her death. We are not giving up hope. The REWARD is still being offered and is over $50,000.00. If anyone has any information please contact the State Police. The person(s) responsible is still out there somewhere.  We URGE, BEG, anyone that may know something to call the NH State Police.




Reward for Information Leading to an Arrest and Prosecution

The mission of this website is to raise awareness and provide resources for the community to help with any information that might lead to an arrest in Bobbie’s death. The family is offering a reward for any information that leads to an arrest and prosecution. We hope to find the party responsible for Bobbie’s murder and ultimately provide closure so that she may rest in peace.

To contact the state police with any information regarding the case, please contact:

New Hampshire State Police Tip Line 603-223-3860

New Hampshire State Police Major Crime Unit Line 603-223-8573

To learn about how you can donate to the Roberta Miller Discovery Fund, please click here.

With any questions you might have for the family, please email