Know Bobbie

We welcome all pictures and stories of Bobbie to share with the community.

“It is difficult to portray what truly made Bobbie incredible. She would do anything for her children and was always so proud of my brother and me. She supported us in every endeavor and made sure we knew that we were never alone. More incredible, she extended this support to each and every person in her life. She shoveled a neighbor’s driveway every snowstorm and pulled another neighbor’s car out of a ditch with a tractor. She volunteered for the Lakes Region Conservation Trust and adopted a dog that weighed just as much as her. She got a tattoo to support a friend and once gave away my bed to another friend in need. She conquered mountains though she was afraid of heights and kept skiing after getting hit in the head with a chairlift. She loved Bon Jovi and the outdoors. She made the most beautiful stained glass and the best chocolate cupcakes. She remains an amazing woman who is irreplaceable in this world.” – Jennifer Miller


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